Craft your future with ChatGPT AI language model

Join us for a free webinar on the cutting-edge technology of OpenAI, hosted via Microsoft Teams. Our agenda includes an overview of the OpenAI’s language model ChatGPT, as well as a discussion on practical use cases for ChatGPT and delve into some of the issues surrounding its implementation. Additionally, we will explore the future of Artificial Intelligence and information retrieval. Register now and don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed on the latest developments in AI.

Topic of discussion

✅ Clear understanding about ChatGPT
✅ Amazing uses of ChatGPT
✅ Know how ChatGPT can help you earn more
✅ Create react website in 5 mins using ChatGPT
✅ Artificial Intelligence career path
✅ How can you Learn Natural Language Processing ?

Date: Feb 25th 2023

Time: 4:00 PM 

Duration: 1 Hour

Mode: Online

Speaker: Dr. Pooja Bijlani

Who should attend

Learners who want to upskill themselves with Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning , Natural Language Processing skillset.

Career Change

Professionals looking to switch their careers in AI domain, Freelancing , Creative Writing

Industry Trends

Learners who want to be updated with current industry trends and job

About Speaker
Dr. Pooja Bijlani - Trainer

Dr. Pooja Bijlani

Technical Trainer (Subject Matter Expert ) at Future Skill Academy, AISECT,Bhopal.

She is having over 15 years of academic and research experience. Expert in Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , Data Science , Java Full stack Development .

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