Empowering Learners: The AISECT Learn Approach To Skill Development In India


Skill development is essential for India’s growth. With over 60% of the population being young, there is a great opportunity to boost the workforce. According to Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) the Worker Population Ratio (WPR) in rural areas increased from 44.8% in 2017-2018 to 54.2% in 2022-2023, showing the importance of creating jobs. However, despite India’s GDP growing at 6-8%, job creation isn’t keeping pace. Around 28 million young people enter the workforce each year. AISECT, in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), is building a strong skill training system with its Market-led Fee-based services scheme.

The Need for Skill Development in India

In urban areas, the WPR went up from 42.6% in 2017-18 to 46% in 2022-23. Still, there are problems. India isn’t creating enough jobs, and new professionals lack necessary skills. This leads to higher unemployment rates, which were around 7-8% in 2022, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. While creating jobs is important, improving the skills and productivity of new workers is also crucial. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) projected that by 2023, India would need a skilled workforce of 300 million.

AISECT’s Vision and Mission

AISECT, founded in 1985, aims to close the digital gap between semi-urban and rural areas and build a skilled generation. AISECT works to empower young people with the right skills, cultural identity, and exposure. The organisation focuses on skilling and upskilling, providing digital services, quality education, financial inclusion services, e-governance, and promoting Indian art and culture.

Key Components of AISECT’s Skill Mission

AISECT has been a leader in skill development for 31 years, reaching even the remotest parts of India. It offers skill courses in local languages, making its impact widespread.


AISECT’s activities are most impactful at the grassroots level. Partnering with NSDC, AISECT aims to skill 1.3 million youth in areas like IT, electronics, teacher training, banking, textiles, retail, and agriculture.

Objectives of the Partnership:
  1. 1. Expand Skilling and Training: Focus first on rural and backward areas in states like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar, then expand nationwide.
  2. 2. Training of Trainers: Improve the quality of training and use of technology by trainers.
  3. 3. Use of Common Service Centers (CSCs): Use 6000 CSCs at the Panchayat Level for youth training.
  4. 4. Placement Services: Provide job placement services for trained individuals both online and offline.
  5. 5. Content Creation Center: Develop this as the backbone of AISECT’s skill development efforts.

AISECT Learn: Limitless Learning for Limitless Growth

AISECT Learn is the largest online e-learning platform. It offers vocational training for school students, preparing them for modern challenges. AISECT also established SGSU, central India’s first skills university in Bhopal, which aligns with the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) and the National Education Policy (NEP).

Providing In-Demand, Industry-Ready Skills

AISECT provides in-demand, industry-ready skills through certified courses that are highly beneficial for individuals to grow and succeed in life. These certified courses help learners acquire practical knowledge and skills that are directly applicable in various industries. By focusing on the needs of the job market, AISECT ensures that its training programs are relevant and valuable. This approach not only enhances employability but also empowers individuals to achieve career success and personal growth.

Courses Offered by AISECT University

AISECT University, also known as Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), offers a wide range of certified courses designed to meet industry needs and help students achieve their career goals. The courses include:

Undergraduate Programs

  1. 1. B.Tech – Bachelor of Technology in various engineering disciplines.
  2. 2. B.Sc – Bachelor of Science in fields like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and more.
  3. 3. B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce for careers in business and finance.
  4. 4. B.A – Bachelor of Arts in subjects like English, History, and Political Science.
  5. 5. BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration for management and entrepreneurship.
  6. 6. BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications for careers in IT and software.

Postgraduate Programs

  1. 1. M.Tech – Master of Technology for advanced engineering studies.
  2. 2. M.Sc – Master of Science in various scientific fields.
  3. 3. M.Com – Master of Commerce for advanced business studies.
  4. 4. MBA – Master of Business Administration for business leaders.
  5. 5. MCA – Master of Computer Applications for advanced IT skills.
  6. 6. M.A – Master of Arts in subjects like Literature, Sociology, and more.

Diploma and Certificate Courses

  1. 1. IT – Specialized courses in Information Technology.
  2. 2. Management – Courses in business and management skills.
  3. 3. Agriculture – Training in modern agricultural practices.
  4. 4. Paramedical Sciences – Courses for careers in healthcare.

Government-Supported Skill Development Programs

AISECT University (RNTU) is involved in several government-supported programs aimed at enhancing skills and employability:

  1. 1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras (PMKK): Standardised skill training centers across India.
  2. 2. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY): Encourages skill development with financial rewards.
  3. 3. Skill India Mission: Creates a skilled workforce through vocational training.
  4. 4. National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC): Promotes skill development through partnerships.
  5. 5. Gareeb Kalyaan Rojgar Abhiyan: Provides job opportunities in rural areas affected by COVID-19.


AISECT bridges the digital divide between urban, semi-urban, and rural areas by offering various services. Skill development is key to economic growth and reducing unemployment. AISECT is leading the way in bridging skill gaps and improving employability. With AISECT Learn, the organization is empowering learners with in-demand, industry-ready skills through certified courses, ensuring limitless growth and opportunities in India. By providing these essential skills, AISECT helps individuals grow, succeed, and contribute to the nation’s progress.