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This course not only covers the fundamentals of SAS for data science but also offers a rich array of specialized skill enhancements. Given the fast-paced evolution of industry trends and demands, staying ahead is crucial, and this course equips you with the knowledge and tools to do just that. Throughout the program, you’ll delve into various essential aspects of SAS for data science, including understanding why SAS is indispensable in today’s data-driven industries. You’ll gain expertise in techniques such as data manipulation in SAS, harness the power of SAS for data visualization, conduct in-depth statistical analysis, and master the art of macros in SAS. Your journey in this course promises not just learning but a robust foundation for growth and the practical implementation of SAS tools and best practices. So, get ready to embark on this exciting learning journey and embrace the world of SAS for data science. Happy learning!


This course is your gateway to mastering SAS for data science. It doesn't just cover the fundamentals; it offers a rich array of specialized skill enhancements that keep you ahead in a fast-paced industry. Gain expertise in data manipulation, data visualization, statistical analysis, and macros in SAS. This learning journey promises growth and practical SAS implementation. Embrace the world of SAS for data science and get ready for a transformative experience. Happy learning!

To give learners a basic understanding of SAS programming

To give learners in-depth practical knowledge of SAS for Data science course

To give learners hands-on experience in Search Importing datasets in SAS, Statistical analysis, Data visualization in SAS, and many other processes including Macros in SAS.

What Will You Learn

By the end of the course, you will be learning multiple skill sets including: AS data analysis, Data visualization in SAS, Statistical analysis, SAS codes, & many other tools and processes including Macros in SAS.

Skills you will gain
SAS programming codes
Statistical analysis
Data analysis using SAS
Data visualization in SAS
Macros in SAS
SAS for Data science

Prepare for your career path

A data analyst analyses data sets to find ways to solve problems relating to a business's customers. A data analyst also communicates this information to management and other stakeholders. The employment of these individuals encompasses many different industries such as business, finance, criminal justice, science, medicine, and government. The role of a data analyst can be defined as someone who has the knowledge and skills to turn raw data into information and insight, which can be used to make business decisions.

Key Skills to Learn

Data cleaning and preparation, Data analysis and exploration, Statistical Analysis, Programming, Machine learning.

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Companies looking for Data Analyst experts. and many more


  • Module 1 - Introduction to SAS programming

  • Module 2 - Data manipulation in SAS

  • Module 3 - Data analysis in SAS

  • Module 4 - Data visualization in SAS

  • Module 5 - Statistical Analysis

  • Module 6 - MACROS in SAS



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Data science

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SAS for Data Science certificate course



  • Do this course includes certificate?

    Yes, this course includes the SAS for Data Science Course Certificate.

  • Do this course has lifetime access or limited period access?

    This course comes with the one year access

  • Who are the trainers in these certificate programs in SAS for Data Science Course?

    The instructors for these programmes are industry experts who are highly efficient and well informed in this field.

  • Is this course available in Hindi Version as well?


  • What are the advantages of this course?

    This course is tailored for individuals aspiring to kickstart their SAS programming journey. Over the duration of this program, participants will dive into SAS programming for data science, gaining expertise in vital areas such as data visualization, statistical analysis in SAS, data manipulation in SAS, data analysis in SAS, along with learning macros and sought-after IT sector job skills.

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