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Master Modern Security & Cryptography

The comprehensive curriculum that teaches participants about cryptographic concepts and methods is called the Master Modern Security &…

6 Weeks English

Introduction to Cyber Security (NEP)

Throughout the course, students will learn about cyber security, the importance of cyber security, hacking methodologies, CIA Triads,…

12 Weeks English

Cybersecurity Using Python Certificate C…

Participants in theCybersecurity Using Python Certificate Course (CUPCC) course learn how to apply Python to cybersecurity. Through projects…

12 Weeks English

Cloud Security Professional Certified Co…

"The Certified Cloud Security Professional Certified Course (CSPCC) provides a comprehensive understanding of cloud security strategies, best practices,…

12 Weeks English

Security Operations Centre Certified Cou…

The goal of the Security Operations Centre Certified Course (SOCCC) is to equip students with the skills necessary…

12 Weeks English

Certificate Course in Security Management (CCSM)

The Certificate in Security Management is a specialized professional course designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding…

12 Weeks English

Certificate Course in Network Security P…

The Certificate Course in Network Security Professional (CCNSP) is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of…

12 Weeks English

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