Cybersecurity Using Python (CUP)


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Mr. Ajay Gautam | Cyber Security Expert

Participants in the Cybersecurity using Python (CUP) course learn how to apply Python to cybersecurity. Through projects and code, they learn how to automate cybersecurity chores and safeguard systems and networks. By the end of the course, participants know how to use Python’s libraries to improve their cybersecurity skills.


Cybersecurity using Python (CUP) is an intensive course that equips learners with advanced programming skills in Python to strengthen cybersecurity practices. Participants will gain hands-on experience in developing security tools, automating security tasks, and analyzing vulnerabilities using Python scripts. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in leveraging Python for enhancing cybersecurity measures and mitigating potential risks.

What Will You Learn

Regardless of prior coding expertise, participants in the Cybersecurity using Python (CUP) course learn how to utilize Python for cybersecurity. It covers malware analysis, threat hunting, network security, and web application security, with a focus on using Python for tool development, automation, and improving cybersecurity operations. Graduates learn how to create unique security scripts and tools.

Skills you will gain
Identification and understanding of different types of cyber attacks such as Brute Force Attacks, Phishing, DoS, DDoS, etc.
Knowledge of cybersecurity breaches and the importance of penetration testing.
Familiarity with various frameworks and standards used in cybersecurity.
Encryption, Biometrics, Anti-Virus, and Password Management.
Knowledge of various cybersecurity defenses like Firewalls.
flow controls, functions, classes, file handling, and important modules.
Proficiency in Python scripting, including variables, data types.
Ability to create projects like a Port Scanner and Keylogger using Python.

Prepare for your career path

After finishing the CUP course, students can go into professions that combine programming and cybersecurity. They can work as cybersecurity analysts by automating security analysis using Python. Another option is Security Software Development, where Python is used to create cybersecurity software. Python is used by penetration testers to model threats and bolster security measures. For better incident response, Security Automation Engineers incorporate Python-based solutions.

Key Skills to Learn

Learning the principles of cybersecurity, CIA It is necessary to possess social engineering abilities, hacking methodology, and triad awareness. It is essential to understand several types of cyberattacks, such as Phishing and Brute Force. It is helpful to comprehend penetration testing, malicious codes, and cybersecurity frameworks. It is helpful to be familiar with IP addresses, OSI layers, and networking components. Knowledge of cyber legislation, computer forensics, Python scripting, the Cyber Kill Chain, and defense methods are also beneficial.

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Companies looking for cybersecurity experts. and many more


  • Module 1 - Introduction to Cyber Security

  • Module 2 - Cyber Security Building blocks

  • Module 3 - Basic Concepts of Vulnerability

  • Module 4 - Security Basics

  • Module 5 - Python Scripting

  • Module 6 - Computer Forensics

  • Module 7 - Python Essentials

  • Module 8 - Python data analysis

  • Module 9 - Job roles



Mr. Ajay Gautam
Cyber Security Expert

Had done the Advanced Certificate program on Cyber Defense by IIT Jodhpur. Cyber Security boot camp aligned with Singapore skills framework and NICE framework. Trained Indian Power sector officials in collaboration with NPTI. Trained IIT Jodhpur students about IDPS. Conducted corporate training to secure cyber-physical systems, Tech Mahindra. Developed Cyber range for Indian Army.

4.0 770 950 Learners
Aman Kumar Gupta
Cyber Security Expert

Aman Kumar Gupta, an accomplished Cyber Security Expert holding the prestigious CEH certification, with prior experience as an intern at Gurugram Cyber Cell. Additionally, he is certified in Python by IBM and has completed an internship at IIT Kanpur specializing in Python development.

4.0 645 876 Learners
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Other Details

Cyber Security using Python (CUP)



  • Do this course includes certificate?

    Yes, this course includes CEH Certificate, and Students can get EC Council certificate by appearing that exam.

  • Do this course has lifetime access or limited period access?

    This course comes with the 1 year access.

  • Is this course available in its complete version?

    Yes, you can visit Cyber Security stream also and find more courses on Cyber Security.

  • Is this course available in Hindi Version as well/

    Not Now, This course will be available in Hindi language soon on AISECT Learn platform.

  • What are the advantages of this course?

    The learners who are willing to start their journey as Certified Ethical Hacker or people who want to Upskill or looking for a growth in their career.

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