Certificate in R for Data Science Programming in Advance


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Priyanka Sharma | Trainer (Subject Expert ) Future Skill Academy

This R programming course provides a comprehensive introduction to statistical analysis and data visualization. Covering fundamentals like variables, data types, and operators, it progresses to programming concepts, data manipulation, and analysis using libraries like dplyr and ggplot2. Hands-on exercises develop skills for handling data tasks and introduce machine learning, deep learning, AI, and NLP, exploring various algorithms and building models for prediction and evaluation using MSE and R-squared.


The R Programming for Beginners course aims to equip participants with a solid foundation in R programming language. Through this course, learners will understand the fundamentals of R, including variables, data types, and operators. They will explore essential programming concepts like loops and conditionals, and gain proficiency in working with data structures such as vectors, matrices, and data frames. Participants will learn how to manipulate and transform data, create visualizations, and apply statistical analysis techniques using R. By the end of the course, learners will have developed basic programming skills, a deep understanding of R's capabilities, and the ability to tackle data analysis tasks with confidence.

What Will You Learn

Upon completion of the course, participants will have developed a strong grasp of R programming, enabling them to proficiently handle data manipulation, perform basic statistical analysis, and create impactful data visualizations. Equipped with these skills, participants will be well-prepared to embark on a career in data analysis or data science, using R as their primary tool. This course serves as a fundamental stepping stone, providing participants with the essential knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the field.

Skills you will gain
R Programming
Data Manipulation
Statistical Analysis
Data Visualization
Data Cleaning
Data Exploration
Data Wrangling

Prepare for your career path

Use R programming skills to analyze and interpret data, identify trends, and provide insights for decision-making.Assist in conducting research studies, collecting and analyzing data using R programming, and contributing to research findings.

Key Skills to Learn

Statistical Analysis Skills. Machine Learning Concepts and Methods. Text Representation Techniques. Algorithm Analysis Skills. Computer Programming Languages like Python and R, Java. Strong Problem-Solving skills. Good Communication Skills. Text Clustering Skills.

Apply R programming skills in data preprocessing, feature engineering, machine learning, and predictive modeling to extract insights and develop data-driven solutions.

Key Skills to Learn

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  • Module 1 : Introduction to R Programming

  • Module 2 : Basics of R Programming

  • Module 3 : Data Types and Data Structure in R

  • Module 4 : File Handling in R

  • Module 5 : Data Manipulation in R

  • Module 6 : Data Visualization Capstone Project

  • Module 7 : Capstone Project in R

  • Module 8 : Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Module 9 : Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Module 10 : Machine Learning Model Capstone Project-2



Priyanka Sharma
Trainer (Subject Expert ) Future Skill Academy
AI , ML , Data science , Power BI, Python , R

Presently she is working as a IT Trainer (Subject Expert )at Future Skill Academy, AISECT, Bhopal. She is having over 4 years of Industry Experience. She has previously worked with companies like Scry Analytics, Byju's, and Edureka. Developed Learning content for YouTube, and Udemy. Hosted Europe Big Data International Conference on Machine Learning and recent developments in the field of Big Data

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Certificate in R for Data Science Programming in Advance


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  • Do this course includes certificate?


  • Do this course has lifetime access or limited period access?

    This course comes with the 1 year access

  • Is this course available in its complete version?

    Yes, this course is fully available at LMS for registered users

  • Is this course available in Hindi Version as well

    Not Now, This course will be available in Hindi language soon on AISECT Learn platform.

  • What are the advantages of this course?

    Students who complete this course will gain a foundational understanding in natural language processing methods and strategies. They will also learn how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various NLP technologies and frameworks as they gain practical experience in the NLP toolkits available.

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