AISECT Group, with a network of over 28,000 Skill Development Centers and 6 Universities spanning India, is spearheading an edtech revolution in education technology, transforming skill development and education across the nation. At the forefront of this educational shift is AISECT Learn, the biggest phygital E-Learning platform which offers an entire spectrum of skill development and industry oriented courses. As an emerging leader in the field of Ed-Tech, AISECT Learn specializes in offering upskilling courses with placement guarantee in the streams such as Digital Marketing, Data Science, Cyber Security, Foreign Languages, and more, empowering the youth with relevant job-ready skills for today’s dynamic workforce.

AISECT Learn collaborates with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon and NASSCOM, and has partnered with NCSDE for skill development and NEP implementation to provide industry aligned certifications. AISECT Learn has established itself as a beacon of learning, reaching out to millions of eager minds and is dedicated to upskilling and knowledge acquisition and caters to both students and working professionals, ensuring that learners of all backgrounds can access high-quality education.


  • • Over 25 lakh students skilled for future job roles
  • • 75,000+ placements
  • • 28000+ centers for phygital & blended mode of learning
  • • Over 1,000 NEP aligned credit-based courses,
  • • 160+ institutional tie-ups for NEP-LEAP

AISECT Learn has broadened its international presence through the introduction of e-learning programs in countries across Africa, MENA region, and Southeast Asia.

  1. How do we prepare students for in-demand jobs that are yet to be created?
AISECT Learn’s NEP-LEAP (Learning and Employability Acceleration Partnership) is implementing NEP 2020 for Educational Institutions
(Dr. Anil Shastrabuddhe, Chairman of NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), unveiled NCSDE booklet on NEP-LEAP (Learning and Employability Acceleration Partnership).

AISECT Learn NEP-LEAP bridges the gap between academia and the professional world by forging partnerships with academic institutions and Industry Experts. This allows students to participate in workshops, internships, and real-world projects, gaining invaluable hands-on experience that enhances their employability. This transformative partnership between AISECT Learn and NCSDE marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a future-ready skills based education landscape. The NCSDE NEP-LEAP is working  with over 160+ government and private educational institutions throughout India. These partnerships aim to enhance student skill development, facilitate internships, and support the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

AISECT Learn offers NEP-LEAP Packages as one-stop solution for NEP implementation at institutions

AISECT Learn offers NEP-LEAP Packages as one-stop solution for NEP implementation at institutions

AISECT Learn empowers students and institutions with the NEP-LEAP partnership, seamlessly integrating credit-based skill courses aligned with NEP standards. NEP-LEAP packages cover training and development, placement support, internships, government exam prep, content development, and advanced LMS integration, fostering skill in education.

  1. • Training & Development Package : This comprehensive package offers over 200 NCrF/NEP-aligned courses in self-paced, live, and blended formats, addressing diverse institutional needs cost-effectively. It allows students and institutions to choose from a wide array of courses in Data Science, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & Soft Skills.

  2. • Placement Package : It provides robust support for placements through career counseling, interview preparation sessions, resume-making workshops, expert talks, and placement drives. The package ensures holistic placement support, including free registration on which has partnered with 1500+ registered employers & organizations and conducted 500+ placement drives in 17+ states covering 80+ districts and 1.15 Lac+ candidates were shortlisted.

  3. • Internship and Project Package : AISECT Learn partners with industries to provide valuable UGC and AICTE-aligned internships, offering students a real-world glimpse into industry operations. It offers online project-based internships in Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Python, Microsoft Azure, Flutter App development, communication skills & Entrepreneurship Skills. AISECT Learn has also partnered with AWS Academy to offer internships in Cloud Foundations, Machine Learning Foundations, Cloud Security Foundations, and Cloud Architecting. Over 500+ internships have been offered to both technical and non-technical students.

  4. • Prep Test (Govt. Exams Preparation) Package : AISECT Learn offers Prep Test package covering major government exams like Banking,SSC, Railways,Defence and Police. The package includes subject-specific multiple tests, 1:1 live counselling, toppers batch access, and exam-related blogs, preparing students for successful government exam outcomes.

  5. • Content Development Package : AISECT Learn provides content development services tailored to institutional requirements. We have a 1000+ pool of subject matter experts who can make NEP-aligned content using a 4-quadrant approach. Additionally, we have five state-of-the-art studios with a team of skilled e-learning creators proficient in crafting Self-Learning Material, Videos/SCORM files (PDF, Word), and various assessment formats such as MCQs, Drag & Drop, Fill in the Blanks, and Subjective questions.

  6. • LMS Package : The Learning Management System package helps institutions plan, implement, and assess their learning processes. The package includes brand customization, Zoom integration, Create White Label LMS and 24/7 technical support.

AISECT Learn Key Impact Areas :

  • • Empowered over 12,000 females from the beauty and wellness sector in collaboration with a leading digital platform.
  • • AISECT Learn developed online training modules for a renowned Payment Bank, covering key skills like communication, IT, digital marketing, finance, and business correspondence to enhance employee capabilities.
  • • Provided corporate training solutions to enhance workforce skills for future challenges and improved business outcomes.
  • • AISECT Learn through Job Guarantee Course offers a unique opportunity for students and working professionals to upskill in most in-demand technologies and platforms like Flutter, Cyber Security, AL/ML, Azure, Flutter, AWS, DevOps, Digital Marketing, and more
  • • Over 500+ UGC/AICTE-aligned internships have been offered to both technical and non-technical students.
  • • AISECT Learn has created bilingual video training modules for Asha workers under the Agha Khan Project. These modules cover prenatal to postnatal care, from conception to delivery.

AISECT Learn’s innovative approach aspires to empower students, bridging the gap between academia and industry and shaping the next generation of highly skilled professionals who will contribute to the nation’s development. For establishing NCSDE skill development center, NEP implementation, Internships and Projects, Institutional Tie-Ups, Future Skill Courses Centers, NAAC Accreditation Consultancy Services, Corporate Trainings, Upskilling Courses, Internships and Projects contact us on:

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