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Priya Soni | Instructor BFSI

This course is designed to help and understand the basics of accounting using Tally Prime, a powerful accounting software widely used in industry. The primary objective of this course is to provide the learners with insights and in-depth knowledge of Tally software and its applications. It will also develop an understanding of modern technology, the importance of accountants, tally experts, audit officers, and customer needs and expectations. In this course, you will learn about basic accounting, accounting using Tally Prime, accounting with inventory using Tally Prime, and GST using Tally Prime. It will also get hands-on practice through case studies. The course content is available in Hinglish, a combination of Hindi and English, and is delivered through video tutorials by subject experts. The mode of delivery is online self- paced learning, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience. The course includes self-reading learning material, assessment quizzes, assignments (work sheets), and a project. On successful completion of the course, learners will receive a certificate of completion. After completing this course, they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to gain jobs as an accounting clerk, accounting associate, accounting assistant, accounting executive, accounting officer, accounting supervisor, tally operator, tally accounts executive, or tally junior accountant.


This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of basic accounting principles and practices. The course will cover topics such as the accounting cycle, financial statements, and ledger maintenance. The course will also equip students with the practical skills needed to use Tally Prime software for accounting, including features such as ledger creation, voucher entry, and generating financial reports. Furthermore, the course will cover the use of Tally Prime for accounting with inventory, including features such as inventory management, stock valuation, and invoicing. The course will also delve into the implementation of GST using Tally Prime, including the basics of GST, GST accounting, and GST compliance. Lastly, the course will provide a real-world application of the concepts learned through a case study, enabling students to apply their knowledge to a practical scenario. By the end of this course, students will have a solid foundation in accounting principles, practical skills in using Tally Prime for accounting and inventory, knowledge of GST implementation, and the ability to apply their knowledge to a real-world scenario.

Understand the fundamental concepts of basic accounting, including the accounting equation, double-entry accounting, and financial statements.

Demonstrate proficiency in using Tally Prime for accounting purposes, including creating and managing accounts, entering transactions, and generating reports.

Develop an understanding of how to use Tally Prime for accounting with inventory management, including creating inventory items, recording transactions, and generating inventory reports.

Understand the basics of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and how it is applied in accounting, including how to record GST transactions and generate GST reports using Tally Prime.

Analyze real-life scenarios and apply the knowledge gained in the course to solve complex accounting problems using Tally Prime.

Build problem-solving skills and enhance critical thinking abilities through analyzing case studies in point that require the application of Tally Prime accounting software.

What Will You Learn

After completing the accounting course using Tally Prime, the learners will gain the knowledge and skills in several areas of accounting. Firstly, the learners will have a solid understanding of basic accounting principles, including the accounting equation, types of accounts, and financial statements. Next, the learners will learn to use Tally Prime software for accounting purposes. In addition to basic accounting and Tally Prime usage, the learners will learn about accounting with inventory using Tally Prime. Another important topic covered in the course is GST using Tally Prime. Also, the learners will gain knowledge on different GST rates and how to apply them to transactions. Finally, the course includes a case study that will allow the learners to apply the concepts which they have learned in a real-world scenario. Overall, the Accounting using Tally Prime course provides a comprehensive foundation in accounting principles, Tally Prime software usage, inventory management, GST compliance, and practical application through a case study.

Skills you will gain
Technical knowledge
Audit Skill
Account management
Financial Analyst
Inventory Management

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Tally is computer software which is widely used for accounting purposes mostly by small and medium business. However, there are even other features of tally but it is popularly known as an accounting software. After the release of Tally ERP version, this software is not just accounting software. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) version fully transformed the definition of Tally software. Now, this software is used for Accounting, Payroll, Billing, Sales and Profit Analysis, Auditing Banking Inventory, Taxation such as VAT, TDS, TCS and GST

Key Skills to Learn

Technical Knowledge, Sales policy and procedure, Customer need, Business strategy etc.

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Priya Soni

I have 8+ Years of experience in Training for Tally Programs in Various Organizations. Tally, Banking & Accounting Trainer in Smita Institute for VTP Program Trainer in Smita Institute for National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM). Assessor in Sai Graphics Assessing Body for Tally, Banking & Accounting Trade. Assistant Coordinator in Sai Graphics Assessing Body for Pan India All Trade Assessment (NCVT, MES SDIS PROJECT for DGE &T Govt. Of India), Responsibility Included Career Counselling for Tally, Banking & Accounting. 25000 Students Trained by me till Date in Various Projects and Skill Programs Created Digital Content for The Tally Program During the Duration of Covid-19(Lockdown).

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Accounting using Tally Prime


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  • Does this course include a certificate?


  • Does this course have lifetime access or limited period access?

    The course has 1 year access

  • Is this course available in its complete version?

    Yes, this course is fully available at LMS for registered users

  • What is the Language used by a Trainer?

    The trainer has used both Hindi and English Languages to make the students understand the concepts clearly

  • What are the advantages of this course?

    Candidates will get Indepth knowledge of basic functionalities of Tally prime. Also, candidates will learn about accounting management, auditing, financial analysis.

  • Who is our Trainer?

    Your trainer will be the most renowned person on this course, Priya Soni. From past more than three decades she is training the candidates and imparting BFSI education in society.

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