Android Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project

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Fee: 499

The Android Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle project is a robotics project that involves designing and developing a vehicle with a robotic arm that can be controlled using an Android application. The project aims to demonstrate the use of robotics and mobile application development in solving real-world problems.


The project involves designing and building a robotic arm vehicle, integrating hardware and software components, developing an Android application for remote control, and testing the system's functionality. The project also aims to provide an opportunity to learn about robotics, hardware integration, mobile application development, and project management.

The Android Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle project aims to develop a solution that can be used in industries such as



Logistics where pick and place operations are required

The project also has potential applications in disaster response situations where human intervention is risky or impossible.

What Will You Learn

The Android Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle project provides an opportunity to learn various skills, including robotics design and development, integration of hardware and software components, mobile application development, project management, and testing and debugging of the system. Additionally, the project involves programming skills such as Android development, microcontroller programming, and programming for the robotic arm. The project may also involve skills such as 3D modeling and printing, circuit design, and hardware assembly.

Skills you will gain
Robotics design and development
Integration of hardware and software components
Mobile application development
Project management
Testing and debugging of the system
Android development
Microcontroller programming
Programming for the robotic arm
3D modeling and printing
Circuit design and hardware assembly


  • Project's Prelude

  • Project's Problem Description

  • Project's Problem Statement

  • Project's Objective

  • Project's Expected Features

  • Project's Future Enhancement

  • High level Architecture and workflow and Technology


Other Details

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