Certificate Course in Flutter App Development

Blended (Live + Self Paced)

Fee: 12,000

Dr. Priti Maheshwary | Dean at Future Skills Academy Scope Global Skills University

In this comprehensive Flutter development course, discover how to create stunning cross-platform mobile applications using Google’s Flutter framework. Developed by Google, Flutter enables code writing once for deployment on both iOS and Android platforms, streamlining development. Gain a strong foundation in Flutter by delving into key concepts, best practices, and industry-standard techniques. From setting up your environment to mastering Flutter architecture, widgets, and layout, progress to advanced topics such as state management, navigation, and data persistence. Learn to harness Flutter’s extensive widget library for captivating UIs, handle user input, integrate APIs, and optimize app performance while exploring debugging and testing strategies for robust and reliable applications.


This course aims to equip learners with advanced knowledge and techniques to build beautiful and functional cross-platform mobile applications using the Flutter framework. Flutter, developed by Google, allows developers to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms, saving time and effort.

What Will You Learn

By the end of this course, you will have developed the skills to confidently build and deploy your own cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer looking to expand your mobile app development repertoire, this course will equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to create high-quality apps for a global audience.

Skills you will gain
Flutter App Development
Dart Programming
Understanding and implementing Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts
Debugging and error handling in Flutter
Working with widgets and their role in Flutter
Navigation and routing in Flutter
Styling and theming Flutter applications
Handling user input and forms
Working with APIs and parsing JSON data
Handling authentication and user login/signup

Prepare for your career path

As a Junior Flutter Developer, you will work closely with senior developers and cross-functional teams to develop and maintain high-quality mobile applications using the Flutter framework.

Key Skills to Learn

Key Skills- Flutter, UI Design, SDLC, Testing & Debugging, Communication Skills

Completing a Flutter developer course opens doors to careers as dedicated Flutter Developers, Mobile App Developers, or Freelancers, building portfolios and contributing to diverse projects.

Key Skills to Learn

Key Skills- Flutter developer courses impart skills in Flutter app development, Dart programming, OOP, debugging, widget usage, navigation, styling, API interaction

As a Senior Flutter Developer, you will design and build sophisticated and highly scalable Apps. Build custom packages in Flutter using the functionality and APIs.

Key Skills to Learn

Key Skills- Flutter, Firebase, Git, Dart

Jobs in India

35 L+

Average Salary

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6 Lakhs

Job Growth

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Many companies across various industries hire Flutter developers to develop and maintain their mobile applications. and many more


  • Module 1- Introduction to Flutter

  • Module 2 - Setting up Flutter

  • Module 3 - Dart Programming - Syntax

  • Module 4 - Dart Functions & OOP

  • Module 5 - App Running & debugging on different devices

  • Module 6 - Widgets

  • Module 7 - Widgets Style

  • Module 8 - Common Widget in Flutter

  • Module 9 - Stateless and Stateful Widgets

  • Module 10 - Navigation

  • Module 11 - User Interface

  • Module 12 - Asynchronous Functions

  • Module 13 - State Management

  • Module 14 - Working with Remote Data

  • Module 15 - Using 3rd Party Packages

  • Module 16 - Shared preferences

  • Module 17 - Adding User Authentication

  • Module 18 - Environment setup and App building

  • Module 19 - Animation

  • Module 20 - Native Device Feature

  • Module 21 - Working with user input & form

  • Module 22 - Firebase, Image upload, Push notification

  • Module 23 - Create an Application



Dr. Priti Maheshwary
Dean at Future Skills Academy Scope Global Skills University
IT, Computer Science

Presently working in Future Skill Academy. Involved in Computer Science and Engineering for over 20 years in higher education and training. Her career has included various software development projects, teaching, research and administrative roles. She enjoys teaching and looking into how to improve student learning experience. Published around 50 research papers in refereed journals and conferences, 7 book chapters, 6 Patents. 8 PhD thesis completed under her guidance in the field of Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Sensor Network, VANET, Image Processing specialized in Satellite Images, AI/ML & Deep Learning, and Cyber Security. Also done more than 10 projects in the field of Research and Consultancy.

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Other Details

Certified Flutter App Development



  • Do this course includes certificate?

    Yes, this course includes a certificate

  • Do this course has lifetime access or limited period access?

    This course comes with the 1-year access

  • Is this course available in its complete version?

    Yes, also you can do other specialized certification courses in Flutter

  • Is this course available in Hindi Version as well

    No, But this course will be available in the Hindi language soon on the AISECT Learn platform

  • What are the advantages of this course?

    The learners who are willing to start their journey in Flutter and want to learn how they can manage themselves and their organization against cyber threats

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