Irrigation System Running on Solar Power

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The Solar-Powered Irrigation System for Sustainable Agriculture project aims to develop and implement an innovative and sustainable irrigation system that is powered by solar energy. The project will be implemented in a rural area that relies heavily on agriculture for economic growth and food security.


The Solar-Powered Irrigation System for Sustainable Agriculture project is expected to improve agricultural productivity, promote sustainable agriculture practices, and enhance economic growth and development in the project area.

"To develop a smart irrigation system in order to gate a significant saving in theconsumption of water to irrigate the crops.

To control the water application convenient for giving light and frequent irrigation and higher water application efficiency.

To use saleable fertilizer and chemical

To provide sufficient follow capacity to meet the irrigation demand.

To reduce the erosion of soil that is common in surface irrigation system.

To conduct fundamental and applied research in water management. "

What Will You Learn

An irrigation system that runs on solar power can offer several benefits, such as: Reduced energy costs: Since the irrigation system uses solar power to operate, there is no need to rely on traditional electricity sources, which can lead to significant cost savings. Increased efficiency: Solar-powered irrigation systems can be designed to operate at peak efficiency, ensuring that water is delivered precisely where it's needed, reducing water waste. Environmentally friendly: By reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, solar-powered irrigation systems can help reduce carbon emissions and have a lower impact on the environment.

Skills you will gain
Solar power system design: Knowledge of solar power system design is essential to ensure that the system is correctly sized and can generate enough energy to power the irrigation system.
Irrigation system design: Understanding the principles of irrigation system design is crucial to ensuring that the system delivers water to crops or vegetation effectively.
Electrical and electronics skills: Knowledge of electrical and electronics principles is required to install and maintain the solar panels, batteries, inverters, and other electrical components of the system.


  • Project's Prelude

  • Project's Problem Description

  • Project's Problem Statement

  • Project's Objective

  • Project's Expected Features

  • Project's Future Enhancement

  • High level Architecture and workflow and Technology


Other Details

Irrigation System Running on Solar Power

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