Mastering the art of Digital Marketing: Strategies for Success.

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Mayank batra- Aisect Learn Mayank Batra | International Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant

The course webinar is all about the basics of digital marketing and its importance in today’s business landscape.


Identifying your target audience and creating buyer personas Developing a content strategy for your website, social media, and other digital platforms Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your website's visibility in search engines Utilizing email marketing and other digital channels to reach your audience Analyzing and measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns

To give learners the basic understanding of Digital Marketing

To give learners in-depth practical knowledge of social media management and marketing

To give learners the hands-on experience on Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, many other tools and processes including Google Analytics

What Will You Learn

To help students to understand the world of digital marketing and provide with practical strategies to achieve your marketing goals.

Skills you will gain
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization


  • Career in Digital Marketing



Mayank batra- Aisect Learn
Mayank Batra
International Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant
Digital Marketing

With over 13+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing, hardcore hands-on indulgence in Digital Media Industry for 7+ years Empowered 32312+ People & counting. Speaker at many esteemed institutes like IIT-Bombay, DCBM and many recognized events. Catered 400+ brands with Business Solutions. The professional backpack has enormous brands like Witty Feed, Google, FICCI & many more EdTech institutions. Conducted many workshops. Have been featured in newspapers & magazines

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