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Dr. Priti Maheshwary | Professor Future Skills Academy

This comprehensive program is designed to equip participants with a versatile skill set that combines technical expertise in Python programming with essential entrepreneurial and communication skills. Over the course of this intensive internship, participants will delve into the world of Python programming, explore the principles of entrepreneurship, and enhance their communication abilities. Through hands-on projects, practical exercises, and expert guidance, participants will develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.


The objectives and skills you will acquire through this transformative experience.

Master Python Programming: Develop a solid understanding of Python programming fundamentals.

Cultivate Entrepreneurial Skills: Gain proficiency in business planning, market analysis, and financial management.

Enhance Communication Abilities: Improve verbal and written communication skills, as well as presentation techniques.

Foster Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Develop critical thinking skills and hone problem-solving abilities.

Acquire Self-Paced Learning Strategies: Learn effective self-paced learning strategies to manage time efficiently.

Prepare for Career Success: Equip participants for career opportunities in Python development, entrepreneurship, and related fields.

What Will You Learn

Throughout the internship, you'll acquire the following skills:

Skills you will gain
Python Programming Fundamentals
Entrepreneurial Concepts and Principles
Verbal and Written Communication Skills
Presentation Techniques
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
Self-Paced Learning Strategies


  • Communication Skills Internship

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Python



Dr. Priti Maheshwary
Professor Future Skills Academy
IT, Computer Science

Presently working at Future Skill Academy. Involved in Computer Science and Engineering for over 20 years in higher education and training. Her career has included various software development projects, teaching, research and administrative roles. She enjoys teaching and looking into how to improve student learning experience. Published around 50 research papers in refereed journals and conferences, 7 book chapters, 6 Patents. 8 PhD thesis completed under her guidance in the field of Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Sensor Network, VANET, Image Processing specialized in Satellite Images, AI/ML & Deep Learning, and Cyber Security. I have also done more than 10 projects in the field of Research and Consultancy.

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Python, Entrepreneurship and Communication Skills Internship

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