Certificate in Accounting using Tally Prime

Blended (Live + Self Paced)

Fee: 4,500

Mrs. Anita Sahu | Assistant Professor

The Tally course provides comprehensive training on Tally software, a popular tool for accounting and financial management. Participants will learn key features such as ledger management, inventory tracking, invoicing, and taxation. The course covers practical aspects like creating and analyzing financial reports, GST compliance, and customization of Tally for specific business needs. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in using Tally to streamline accounting processes and enhance business efficiency.


1. Preparing for Jobs: Many Tally courses are designed to prepare students for job roles in accounting, finance, and related fields by providing them with practical skills and knowledge of Tally software commonly used in businesses. 2. Improving Career Prospects: Completing a Tally course can improve career prospects by adding a valuable skill set to a candidate's resume, making them more attractive to potential employers.

To give learners the basic understanding of financial accounting with tally software.

To give learners in-depth practical skills and knowledge of Tally software commonly used in businesses

What Will You Learn

Step - 1 Basic Fundamental of Manual Accounting Concepts & Process, Step - 2 Computerized Accounting Process in Tally Prime Software, Step - 3 School & College Accounting Process in Tally Prime, Step - 4 Accounting with Inventory Processes in Tally Prime Software (company / shop), Step - 5 inventory & Manufacturing Processes in Tally Prime Software, Step - 6 inventory & Manufacturing Processes with GST Calculation in Tally Prime, Step - 7 Payroll Management and Data security , Export & Import , User Create

Skills you will gain
Tally Software Mastery
Accounting Skills
Taxation Knowledge
Reporting Skills
Problem-solving Skills
Business Management
Time Management
Inventory Management
Financial Reporting
Data Analysis


  • Accounting using Tally Prime



Mrs. Anita Sahu
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Anita Sahu, an assistant professor in SGSU's computer science department. Thirteen years of experience in total.

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Certificate in Accounting using Tally Prime

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