Certificate in Electric Vehicle Sales Executive


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Kuber Singh | Subject Matter Expert | ASDC

This course initiates candidates into the emerging area of Electric Vehicles and helps them learn the Basics of Battery driven Electric Vehicles and their Dynamics, Motors, Power Electronics, Batteries, Charging, etc. The program consists of instructor-led live lecture sessions and demonstrations. the basics of the automobile, innovations in automobiles, and Modern technology of Electric vehicle technology and its importance, the need of the customer, and their expectations.


The importance of the Sales executive and its policy, customer needs and expectation, and the working principle of electric vehicles.

To make learners understand the basics of Modern technology of automobiles.

To provide learners insights and depth knowledge on Electric vehicle and customer need and expectations

What Will You Learn

After completion of the course, learner will be able to: • Understand the importance of innovation and development in the automobile sector. • Understand the modern technology of Electric vehicles and their importance. • Explain the need of the customer and its Expectations. • Explain organization policies procedures and priorities of an organization. • Explain the follow-up procedure to be adopted during customer interaction • Understand Maintain a Healthy, Safe, and Secure Working Environment

Skills you will gain
Vehicle selling Skill
Automobile Technical knowledge
Customer dealing
Dealership management skill

Prepare for your career path

Entry-level Sales Role: Begin your career in an entry-level sales role at a dealership, electric vehicle manufacturer, or a company specializing in EV sales. This position allows you to learn about the industry, develop sales skills, and gain hands-on experience with electric vehicles. Product Knowledge and Training: Focus on expanding your knowledge of electric vehicles, including their technology, features, benefits, and charging infrastructure. Stay updated on the latest developments in the EV market, emerging trends, and government policies related to electric vehicles. Attend training programs or workshops offered by the company or industry organizations to enhance your understanding.

Key Skills to Learn

Technical Knowledge, Sales policy and procedure, Customer need, Health and safety

Sales Executive: With experience and a proven track record in sales, you can advance to the role of an EV Sales Executive. As a Sales Executive, you will be responsible for managing and growing the sales of electric vehicles. This involves developing and implementing sales strategies, building relationships with customers, conducting product demonstrations, negotiating deals, and closing sales. Leadership and Management Roles: As you gain more experience and demonstrate leadership qualities, you can progress to higher-level positions such as Sales Manager or Sales Director. In these roles, you will oversee a team of sales executives, set sales targets, develop sales plans, and collaborate with other departments to drive overall business growth.

Key Skills to Learn

Technical Knowledge, Sales policy and procedure, Customer need, Health and safety

Business Development and Partnerships: Another potential career path for an EV Sales Executive is to move into business development or partnerships. This involves identifying and establishing relationships with key stakeholders, such as charging infrastructure providers, fleet managers, and government entities. You would work to expand the company's network and explore new business opportunities in the EV market. Entrepreneurship and Consulting: Experienced EV Sales Executives with a deep understanding of the industry and market dynamics may choose to start their own EV-related business or work as independent consultants. This path allows for greater autonomy and the opportunity to provide expertise and guidance to other organizations or clients.

Key Skills to Learn

Technical Knowledge, Sales policy and procedure, Customer need, Health and safety

Jobs in India


Average Salary

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3.5 Lakhs

Job Growth


Companies Looking for Sales Executive/ Consultant/ Manager and many more


  • Innovation in the automobile sector

  • Introduction of Electric vehicle

  • Customer’s Needs and Expectations

  • Plan and Organizing Work to Meet Expected Outcomes

  • Follow Up Procedure for Delivery of New and Service Vehicle

  • Maintain a Healthy, Safe and Secure Working Environment



Kuber Singh
Subject Matter Expert |ASDC
Mechanical Engineering

Er. Kuber Singh is a highly qualified and experienced Subject Matter Expert in Mechanical Engineering. He holds a Master of Engineering in Advanced Production System from the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR), which is one of the premier institutes in India for technical education and training. He has more than 8 years of experience in teaching and training in various esteemed organizations. He has worked as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Engineering and Technology at NCERT Bhopal, where he imparted quality education to undergraduate students. He has also worked as a Consultant in the PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education in Bhopal, where he provided expert guidance and support to students pursuing vocational courses.

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Certificate in Electric Vehicle Sales Executive


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  • Does this course include a certificate?


  • Does this course have lifetime access or limited period access?

    Yes, the course comes with Lifetime access to registered Students

  • Is this course available in its complete version?

    Yes, this course is fully available at LMS for registered users

  • What is the Language used by Trainer

    The trainer has used both Hindi and English Languages to make the students understand the concepts clearly

  • What are the advantages of this course?

    Candidates will get Indepth knowledge of basic functionalities of electric vehicle executive. Also, candidates will learn about accounting management, auditing, financial analysis.

  • Who is our Trainer?

    Your trainer will be the most renowned person of this course Mr.Kuber Singh. From past more than three decades, he is training the candidates and imparting Automotive education in society.

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