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Pooja Bijlani | Trainer Full Stack Development Dr. Pooja Bijlani | Trainer Full Stack Development

The course is designed where students collaboratively build an e-commerce platform. Leveraging MongoDB for data storage, Express.JS for server-side development, React for the dynamic user interface, and Node.JS for the runtime environment, students integrate these technologies to create a robust full-stack application. The project encompasses database design, RESTful API development, state-of-the-art UI/UX implementation, and deployment strategies. With an emphasis on real-world application, the MERN project empowers students to showcase their proficiency in the MERN stack through the development of a fully functional, scalable, and deployable e-commerce platform.


The MERN project aims to empower students with practical proficiency in MongoDB, Express.JS, React, and Node.JS By building a collaborative e-commerce platform, students will apply their knowledge in database design, RESTful API development, and full-stack integration, showcasing their ability to create and deploy robust web applications using the MERN stack.

What Will You Learn

React JS , Node JS , Express JS and MongoDB

Skills you will gain
Full-Stack Integration
RESTful API Development
UI/UX Implementation
Deployment Strategies
Database Design
Server-Side Development
Dynamic UI Design
Runtime Environment Management


  • Module 1 - Introduction to Web Development:

  • Module 2 - MongoDB Basics:

  • Module 3 - Node.JS Foundations:

  • Module 4 - ExpressJS Fundamentals:

  • Module 5 - React.JS Essentials:

  • Module 6 - Building Full-Stack Applications:

  • Module 7 -Authentication and Authorization:

  • Module 8 - Advanced React.JS Concepts:

  • Module 9 - Deployment and Hosting:



Pooja Bijlani | Trainer Full Stack Development
Dr. Pooja Bijlani
Trainer Full Stack Development
AI ML , Data science , Full Stack Web Development , Full Stack Java Development

Presently she is working as an IT Trainer (Subject Matter Expert) at Future Skill Academy, AISECT, Bhopal. She has over 15 years of academic and research experience and expertise in Programming Languages C, C++, Python, Java, React Spring Boot, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Students accolade her programming language teaching skills. She is also experienced in a number of end-to-end projects in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Python Desktop Applications GUI—web Designing.

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Certificate in Junior Software developer

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