Data Analysis and Statistics with R tool

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Mr Pawan Goyal

Explore the world of data analysis and statistics with R Tool, gain practical skills, and uncover how R can empower your data-driven decision-making process.


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You will learn about: Significance in data analysis and statistics Features and functionalities, Data manipulation and visualization capabilities, Basics of Data Analysis, Data types and structures, Data manipulation techniques

What Will You Learn

Are you ready to delve into the world of data analysis and statistics using R Tool? Join us for an enriching webinar where we will explore the vast capabilities of R and its applications in extracting meaningful insights from data.

Skills you will gain
Significance in data analysis and statistics
Features and functionalities
Data types and structures
Data manipulation techniques
Creating plots, charts, and graphs
Utilizing R's visualization libraries


Mr Pawan Goyal
Data Science Expert
IT Software

Meet Mr. Pawan Goyal, an IBM Certified Data Analyst and the Founder of statOM Analytics in Indore. He holds an MBA with a focus on Finance Administration, a BSc in Statistics, and is a CA Intermediate. With experience in the ERP software industry, he's trained users in financial consulting. Pawan has led webinars and FDPs on statistics, data analysis tools, and data visualization. He's educated over 10,000 learners, working as a Senior Data Analyst in healthcare, management research, and business data visualization. He's also a guest lecturer at various universities and institutes and has numerous research papers published in recognized journals.

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Data Analysis and Statics with R tool


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