Diploma in Entrepreneurship


Fee: 6,499

Dr. Rachna Chaturvedi | Associate Professor

The course is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. The course focuses on finance and business operations fundamentals. The students understand the nature and scope of entrepreneurship. In addition, the course provides a thorough understanding of business and market economics.


What Will You Learn

Skills you will gain


  • Paper 1 - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

  • Paper 2 - Business Opportunity Identification: Concepts and Methodology

  • Paper 3 - Considerations in Entrepreneurship

  • Paper 4 - Entrepreneurial Development

  • Paper 5 - Dimensions in Entrepreneurship

  • Paper 6 - Economic and Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurship

  • Paper 7 - Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior

  • Paper 8 - Small Business Enterprises

  • Paper 9 - Business Communication and Ethics in Business



Dr. Rachna Chaturvedi
Associate Professor

Dr. Rachna Chaturvedi holds a PhD, an MBA, and an M.A. (Eco) and has over 25 years of corporate and academic experience. She earned her master's degree from Punjab University in Chandigarh and her doctorate from Awadesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa. Her areas of interest include Gender Studies, Human Behavior in the workplace, and Economics. Her academic approach is based on more than a decade of specialization in the development and transformation of human talent. She believes that her erudite journey has done justice to her specialization. She has successfully hosted numerous conferences and workshops. In addition to successfully guiding PhD students, she has also assisted many students with their research projects. She has many papers published and presented in international journals and conferences indexed in Scopus and SSCI. She has written a few textbooks also. She has also been involved in several social projects in recent years. Her ICSSR, New Delhi-sponsored research project focuses on the empowerment of rural women through digital education. She also enjoys working on other issues concerning women's empowerment. She has also trained employees from the Ordnance Factory in Kanpur, the Department of Customs and Narcotics, and NABARD in Stress Management and Motivation workshops. She is also a member of the All India Management Association in New Delhi.

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