Masters In Public Health


Fee: 120,000

Dr. Raksha Sharma | HOD Health Care and Management

After completing this course, the student will be able to gain:

  • The capacity to identify and address operational issues in the provision of public healthcare services.
  • The capability of appropriate tactics for an efficient institution- and community-based health and family welfare program development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Aptitude for applying qualitative and quantitative analytical methods to issues about public health.
  • Ability to comprehend and value training approaches for public health with an emphasis on strategic accountability for imparting training and human resource development in healthcare sector.
  • Broadening participants; perspectives on the broader background in terms of healthcare and health management within their own historical, sociological, and cultural setting.


The objective is to make the student understand the psychosocial aspects of the patient and the resulting behavior in a stressful condition.

Utilize methods and strategies to stop the transmission of illnesses.

Identify and put into practice safety and emergency measures.

Perform within the bounds of the practice's ethical and legal guidelines.

Show professionalism in both your appearance and work ethic.

Provide care and help at the bedside

What Will You Learn

The goal of this MPH program is to equip students with the information and abilities necessary to function as competent managers, leaders, or administrators in health systems, both in the public and private sectors. The MPH program is meant to give students the crucial multidisciplinary training they need to assist solve challenges with global public health.

Skills you will gain
Public health administrators with knowledge in the field.
Aspects of disease characteristics, their prevention and treatment, crisis management, strategic health strategies, and regulatory affairs are among the other subjects covered in the course.
The initiative places a strong emphasis on enhancing illness preventive strategies because they pose a serious risk to the public's health. Also, it focuses on healthcare, which is now a key component of global health.
The course teaches students to be sufficiently responsible in raising community knowledge about diseases that affect global health and safety, including communicable and non-communicable diseases, injury, and violence prevention.
Learning the most recent management theories and methods and using them to make the participants' managerial positions efficient and effective.
The capacity to identify and address operational issues in the provision of public healthcare services.


  • Introduction to Public Health

  • Theoretical Foundation of Management

  • Introduction to Epidemiology

  • Health Communication

  • Research Methodology and Bio Statistics in Healthcare

  • Health Economics

  • Accounting, Financial Management and Procurements

  • Health Information Systems

  • Hospital training project submission

  • Environmental Health, Population Sciences and Sustainable Development

  • Health Policy And National Health Programs

  • Women And Child Health And Gender Issues

  • Quality Assurance And Total Quality Management

  • Project Management, Planning, Analysis And Evaluation

  • Management of Ngos

  • Legal Issues In Healthcare Delivery

  • Dissertation/Project Report Submission



Dr. Raksha Sharma
Assistant Professor
Healthcare management, hospitals & Public health

A GIM alumni with Rich cross functional experience in the field of healthcare management, hospitals & Public health Has over 7+ year experience in the industry prior to joining academics.

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  • Does This Course Include a Certificate?

    Yes, this course includes the Masters of Public health Course Certificate.

  • Does This Course Have Lifetime Access or Limited Period Access?

    This course comes with the two-year access

  • Who Are Trainers In these Masters in Public Health?

    The instructor for this program is Dr. Raksha who is a Hospital & Public health industry expert, highly efficient and well informed in this field.

  • What Are the Advantages of This Course?

    After the program is over, the candidate is qualified to work for a number of companies. After completing the program, students may aspire to find employment at government agencies, national and international non-profit organizations, United Nations agencies and consultancies, and so on.

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