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Employee Goal Tracking System

The Employee Goal Tracking System is a web-based application designed to help employees and managers track and manage…

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Controlling Solar Energy Charge

The goal of a solar energy charge controller project is to regulate the amount of charge that is…

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Configurable Medication Reminding System

A configurable medication reminding system is a software system designed to help patients manage their medications by providing…

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Career Guidance Project

The goal of the project is to help individuals identify their strengths, interests, and values and align them…

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Car Over Speeding Detection Project

Car over speeding detection project involves detecting when a car is travelling at a speed exceeding the prescribed…

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Android Controlled Spy Robot with Night …

The Customer Behavior Prediction Using Web Usage Mining project involves analyzing the web usage data of customers visiting…

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Android Controlled Notice Board Project

The Android Controlled Notice Board project is a software and hardware application that enables users to remotely update…

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